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About Wind Currents

V2VIP™ About Wind Currents

About Wind Currents Communications, Inc. (WCCI) is an entity established in 2007, by Wind Currents, Inc. (d.b.a.: Wind Currents Technology) founding partners, as a VoIP Business Phone Service company specializing in Voice-and-Video-over-IP products and calling plans. “V2VIP™” is a trade-marked identity that encompasses all WCCI offerings—for residents, businesses, and organizations that use Cable Modem, DSL broadband, WiFi or LAN connections and 3G/4G networks.

About the name:
Wind Currents …By observing our feathered friends, one sees that birds often take full advantage of wind currents when airborne, thereby minimizing the need for constant flapping or self-generated movement. Surrendering their will, birds are apparently unconcerned with the direction or pattern of winds; rather, they allow winds to lift and carry them.
From the human vantage point, birds in flow with the winds present a seemingly choreographed and beautiful dance, as they dip and spiral and glide.We translate this to human terms and imagine that if courage can be summoned to simply soar with changing winds, our world becomes dynamic, richly refreshed, and vibrantly alive with great possibilities and the powers of the Universe, and so they are …

Wind Currents’ commitment to high-quality affordable IP phones, Unified Communications, cloud-hosted IP PBX, videophones, mobile apps, and VoIP calling plans springs from a deep understanding of the value and benefits that telecom technologies can bring to quality-of-life both personally and professionally. We build long-lasting customer relationships with superior customer service and by offering innovative voice and video communication solutions.

This belief—in serving customers innovative products and ethical business interactions—continues to nourish Wind Currents, Inc., and led to creation of Wind Currents Communications, Inc. to offer VoIP plans, cloud-hosted IP PBX, mobile apps, WebRTC conferencing and IP phones and video phone products that bring people together, regardless of distance or circumstance, for professional, business, and personal communication.

TelePresence is a reality we’ve been marketing since 1997 and now is the optimum time to leverage the value and benefits of V2VIP™ services and products for your business’ video telephony and telecommunications needs. Wind Currents, Inc. celebrates its 22nd anniversary in April 2019 and enjoys a national reputation—among federal, state, and organizational clients for PSTN solutions and reliable customer service. WCCI borrows on that business practice and experience to establish a credible reputation for its IP solutions to serve commercial, government and institutional clients and customers.

Understanding the ramifications of high-speed Internet, its applicability to video when combined with audio, and the looming opportunities that await a company willing to step boldly into the market, Wind Currents Communications, Inc. was established to serve its customers with exceptional quality and cost-effective products bundled with V2VIP™ services for small-to-medium businesses, government, telemedicine and telehealthcare service delivery applications.

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