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What Is V2VIP

V2VIP™ What Is V2VIP
Wind Currents Communications’ (WCCI) Voice-and-Video Internet Phone (V2VIP™) service is an all-in-one cloud phone system that provides hosted VoIP flat-rate monthly calling plans for cost-efficient, feature rich voice-and-video communication.

V2VIP™ cloud-hosted phone system PBX and Unified Communications solutions are flexible, scalable and innovative business communications at amazingly affordable prices. Our virtual PBX eliminates any expensive PBX hardware investment, is easy-to-use and manage (by the admin and user) and includes numerous powerful features such as adding users, managing auto-attendant, voicemail, greetings and much more.

Our Unified Communications brings together enterprise communication applications on users’ desktop and mobile devices. Boost employee productivity and ensure greater collaboration utilizing audio and web video conferencing with chat and file sharing, channels, click-to-call, chat/SMS and presence to name a few..

Integrate these group collaboration tools (video, conferencing, chat (messaging), presence, file sharing) with V2VIP™ service, cloud-hosted PBX features including an Auto-attendant and basic, mid-range, high-end devices—SIP phones, videophones, softphone apps, Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA)—to create the ideal business phone system.

Telephony system features:

  • Auto-attendant — an IVR scenario that routes calls to appropriate extensions
  • Extensions — assigned to Users or Call groups (Depts); easy internal dialing
  • Multi-location — connect remote offices with a single phone system; create a numbering plan with branch prefixes for groups (i.e. Sales, Support, etc.)
  • Multi-device support — receive calls and chats on all devices including mobile apps, desktop phones, web
  • Call recording — record and archive all inbound / outbound calls (excluding user-to-user). Listen on web or download wav file. User can enable / disable recording in portal.
  • Unified voicemail — check voice mail from any device
  • Channels — a collaborative tool that groups people together. Enables channel members – company user, guest member (non-company user invited by email) – to audio conference or use chat.
  • Greetings — record from web; upload an audio file; text to speech
  • Answering rules : Find / Follow me; Do not Disturb—configure actions for unanswered incoming calls such as send to voicemail or forward to another number or company user. With DND enabled the pre-set rule will be triggered without routing the call to the user.
  • Call groups — direct calls to group members all at once or sequentially
  • Call parking — place a call on hold so other users can pick it up
  • Caller ID — set caller ID for outbound calls – it can be a verified mobile number, a DID or the company’s main number
  • Time based routing — route inbound calls based on time of day and day of week

Unified Communications Business Features

  • Unified Communications Business Features — Telephony / cloud-hosted phone system PBX features, Auto-attendant, video, conferencing, messaging, presence, ring groups, and real-time user portal, to name a few
  • V2VUC Portal — a self-managed user portal which combines account management and unified communications services. All company account settings (i.e. adding new users, managing cloud-hosted PBX functions / auto-attendant, etc) are managed by the Admin user; there are limited functions available to all users (i.e. status, presence, voicemail, greetings, answering rules).
  • Phone numbers — keep your existing telephone number or order a new one anywhere in the US… V2VIP™ provides nationwide coverage in thousands of rate centers
  • Mobile VoIP — eliminate cellphone costs by downloading our softphone apps on Android devices, iPhones and iPads and use the same office calling plan and phone number. It’s like having two different phone plans for the price of one!
  • Save Money — 50% lower monthly phone bills for local and long distance calling and on the start-up costs of a traditional PBX solution

Advanced Benefits

  • Great products — Sleek, stylish basic, mid-range, high-end SIP phones and videophones; iOS and Android softphone apps (software); Analog Telephone Adapters
  • Auto-configuration — Easy setup and simple to use
  • Visual Contact — Videoconference anywhere, anytime via web browser (WebRTC support) or desktop videophone
  • Free Calling Features — voice mail, voice mail-to-email, personalized voice mail, call transfer and forwarding, and more
  • One-stop Sourcing — WCCI provides the software, products, local and long distance calling plans, and features, videoconferencing—no need to call another vendor or provider

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