aV2VIP™ Video Softphone TM

aV2VIP™ Video Softphone is a FREE downloadable app for Android devices that converts smartphones and tablets into videophones. Combined with the HIPAA-secure V2VIP™ service, the aV2VIP™ TeleMed Bundle includes Unlimited, Worldwide, Peer-to-peer, 128-bit SRTP / DTLS-encrypted secure voice and video calling and Instant Messaging (chat) to other V2VIP™ users over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G networks.

See V2VIP™ TeleMed Bundle – How it Works (Click2Call) for details on how to make video calls to expand service delivery into the home, remote clinics, doctor offices or with colleagues via V2VUC web browser link (PC/laptop) or iV2VIP™ UC (iPads/iPhones).

Requiring V2VIP™ service to make and receive audio and video calls, aV2VIP™ Video Softphone can be activated by contacting WCCI to sign-up. The V2VIP™ Telemed Bundle offers monthly or annual payment options.

Features av2vip welcome screen

  • VP8 / H.264 video codec
  • Peer-to-peer video calling (ICE protocol)
  • Click2Call with patients
  • 128-bit SRTP / DTLS encryption
  • File sharing
  • Large keypad display
  • Up to 30 frames / second
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • iV2VIP™ UC video softphone compatible

Use the aV2VIP™ Video Softphone to visually-connect healthcare professionals with patients, colleagues, families, caregivers, or remote clinics to increase productivity and collaboration. Easily download to a smartphone or tablet, activate the account and select from your Contacts list the person you want to call.

Main FeaturesaV2VIP Video Softphone - TM - sml2fm

  • SIP Compliant and ProtocolsSIP 2.0, SRTP, TLS, TCP/IPv4/UDP, RTP/RTCP, HTTP/HTTPS
  • NetworkConnectivity via WiFi or 3G/4G
  • Bandwidth96Kbps up to 1.5Mbps
  • Audio CodecsG.729 A/B, G.723, GSM, G.722, G.711
  • Video CodecsVP8; advanced H.264 real-time video (at HD, CIF, QCIF, VGA resolution up to 30 frames / second)
  • Management, Activation, AdministrationSupports device activation via smartphone or tablet keypad, admin via secure user portal

Additional Features

  • Speakerphone
  • Add contacts via Menu option
  • Integrate contacts from the phone
  • Time, call status logs
  • Last call logs
  • Redial
  • Quick access voice mail (Requires activation)