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Benefits of Teleworking and Unified Communications

What is Teleworking?

Teleworking is also known as working from home, working remotely or telecommuting. It makes use of Information Technology and Telecommunications to remain in touch with your employer or business.

Teleworking lets individuals work from home, a local cafe with Wi-Fi or at a local telework center for one or more days each week, or full time. Nowadays this practice has become much more common.

You will need the following equipment and technology to work effectively as a teleworker:

  • Computer
  • Internet Service
  • Printer/Scanner
  • Email
  • Video Conferencing Tools
  • Chats and Messaging

If teleworking guidelines are set down appropriately, the organization, as well as the employee, gets the greatest advantages from this system. Numerous businesses are understanding these advantages. So, they are endorsing plans in their associations. As it gets well known, let us discuss its benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency: Most organizations fright that permitting their employees to telework would make them overlook the organization’s strategies and policies. They likewise fright that their employees will be unsuccessful in taking care of the company’s projects and other activities. In spite of this belief, employees will, in general, be more efficient when they will be teleworking as compared to working in an office setting.While teleworking, employees focus more on their assigned projects as there are very few interruptions and interferences. Teleworking also allows employees to plan their work according to their lifestyle and convenience. The crux is that the employees can perform better than they would while working all day in an office.
  • Improved Morale and Self Confidence: If employees telework, they will be able to focus on their work and boost their morale as they will not be having any complaints regarding their unpleasant colleagues. They will also get self-confidence and a sense of responsibility to complete their work as per the schedule.Related: Benefits of a VoIP Phone System for your Business
  • Enhanced level of flexibility: Teleworking helps employees to plan their work so that the work that they are doing at home is highly beneficial for an organization. Some individuals are efficient during the break of the day while others like burning the night oil. Whichever the case, teleworking is the only technique that will allow the employees to give their best by working at their most suitable time.
  • Lower Office Requirements: If you give your employees the opportunity to telework, you will love its benefits. Definitely you will be able to reduce the office costs by restricting office space and furniture necessities which will reduce the overall expenses.
  • Better Employee Retention Rate: If employers take up teleworking in their companies, they will be able to retain their best employees. For instance, some of your employees may not be able to manage daily travel to and from work due to different individual reasons. Some employees might have to relocate where their spouses reside or due to some other reason. You will be able to retain them by permitting them to telework.

This spares you from the tension of searching for another employee who suits that position.

Unified Communications

Unified communications are the incorporation of real-time communications services across various mediums like fixed-line telephones, mobiles, and personal computers.

It implies that it is presently possible to get all your work-related communications services from a single provider and set them up so that they work flawlessly together.

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Advantages of Unified Communications:

  • It assists with improving productivity as clients can share and access records from a unified area, work together on reports in real-time and carry audio as well as video conferences by involving several team members at a time.
  • Empower business swiftness and development, empowers organizations to adjust and react to the changing demands of their industry and have the technology set up to stay one step ahead of competitors.
  • It provides significant flexibility and adaptability, empowers employees to work remotely and carry High Definition Video Conferencing Calls rather than face to face meeting with clients.
  • You can get rid of installations and maintenance costs with unified communications.
  • It usually provides 24/7 customer support which helps in cutting down administration and maintenance.
  • Empowers a positive culture change all through the organization as all representatives and employees including the C-level executives have a common responsibility to make the Unified Communications program fruitful.
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