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V2VIP™ Benefit

Wind Currents Communications, Inc’s V2VIP™ service is a Business-class Communication in-the-Cloud solution that includes Unified Communications which suits Small, Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) needs. When combined with our V2VIP™ Auto-Attendant, provides all the capabilities and features necessary to get the job done with minimal start-up costs. No need to buy or lease expensive on-site PBX phone systems.

  • Savings—Up to 40% lower monthly phone bills and up to 80% off the start-up costs required of a traditional PBX solution
  • Quality + Reliability—Superior call quality and reliability thanks to a robust platform and feature-rich IP phones, mobile apps and V2VUC web portal
  • Reduce Drive Time and Travel Expense—Web video conferencing (webRTC) and mobile apps enable staff to visually communicate for “face-to-face” meetings which reduces time and expense related to travel from one location to another
  • Increase Productivity—Less travel, more time in the office achieves better results … Our V2VIP™ service phone numbers can simultaneously ring multiple devices (ie. cell phone, landlines) so the important calls are never missed
  • Complete Phone Service—Sleek, stylish IP phones, videophones and mobile apps with multiple features … Easy to use with auto-configuration … No technical expertise required … All employees, whether local, remote or global, use the same phone system and features via the Auto-Attendant, so they sound like they’re in one office
  • Call Features—Free in-network calls … “Virtual” phone numbers enable having a number in any area code which is advantageous to attract new customers in a particularly area or, for current customers to have a local number to call … Includes Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Transfer, Voice Mail to Email, etc.
  • Expandable—Add more extensions as the company grows
  • Portable—Take your videophone or IP phone wherever you go as long as there’s broadband/WiFi Internet … Or, download a mobile app to Android smartphones or tablets and iPads or iPhones or log into your V2VUC User portal with your laptop
  • Flexible—Always available with Find Me/Follow Me which routes calls to designated cellphones, home phone, another office phone. Ideal for employees that travel
  • Project a Big Enterprise Image—Sophisticated call management features (V2VIP™ Auto-Attendant) like personalized or department specific extensions, mailboxes, call queues, music on hold gives clients the impression they’re dealing with a large company
  • Budget Efficient—V2VIP™ Office plan options are based on the number of Users in your company or organization
  • Manage Expense—Manage all accounts from the V2VUC web portal; monitor and itemize each emloyee’s communication costs. If necessary, implement call restrictions, manage and change settings and features for each user, by making adjustments in real-time
  • Support—No need for in-house technical support staff; it’s WCCI’s responsibilty to manage and provide reliable service
  • Telecommuting—Reduce the need for physical office space by allowing employees to work at home … Enable remote locations to have a V2VIP™ extension on the corporate account when working on short-term projects

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