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Call Features

V2VIP™ Call Features

There’s a Variety of FREE Features included in every V2VIP™ Plan.

With V2VIP™ all features are Free! Unlike some telephone providers that offer limited choices, there are extra features included in every V2VIP™ plan…at no charge. Take control and manage your phone service with these calling features.

Voice Mail — Enhanced voice mail offers the flexibility of recording a personalized greeting for incoming calls specific to your availability … Plus, retrieve voice messages, with date and time, by phone, email or remotely … Store saved messages in several folder options … Manage Voice Mail features via User Portal or phone

Voice Mail to Email — V2VIP™ subscribers receive an email notification with an attached audio file when a caller has left a message. The audio file can be forwarded to others or saved

Caller ID — Allows subcsriber to view the caller’s name and phone number on the screen of phones equipped with Caller ID capability prior to answering the call … When making calls your Caller ID name and phone number will be available to the call recipient

Caller ID Block — Keep your name and phone number private and prevent it from being displayed to the other party … To change status activate this feature online, or by phone – for single call dial (without pause) *67+1phone number or for all calls dial *67

Local Number Porting — WCCI can port most telephone and toll free numbers from the current phone carrier over to V2VIP™ services. This process may take up to thirty (30) days

Choose an Area Code — Choose a phone number from any of the available rate centers regardless of the physical location. V2VIP™ subscribers can choose a preferred rate center

Call Waiting — Never miss an important phone call again…Call Waiting allows answering a second incoming call by placing the current call on hold and answering the new call … Switch between parties as often as you like. It’s like having two lines for the price of one

Call Hold — Multi-line videophones and IP phones users can place current call on hold and answer a second or third incoming call on alternate lines

Incoming Call Routing — Incoming calls can be simultaneously routed to all your V2VIP™ lines, to Find Me / Follow Me or straight to voice mail

Find Me / Follow Me — A call hunting feature that enables creating up to four lists of phone numbers (V2VIP™ lines, cellphone, standard PSTN numbers, etc.) to ring in subsequent order; if the call is not answered after ringing the phone number in the last list the V2VIP™ voice mail system wil record the call … Each number in the list can be set to ring for a specified number of seconds. Managed via the User Portal

Call Forward — Temporarily forward calls to a different phone number such as a cell phone, home or office. Ideal for forwarding to a single number. Managed via the User Portal

Call Blocking — Block incoming calls that do not have Caller ID. Managed via User Portal

Do Not Disturb — Disable your phone from receiving incoming calls and send the call direct to Voice Mail … Manage via User Portal

Call Return — Missed a call? Automatically call back the last incoming number by pressing a button on the keyboard

Speed Dial — Only dial two digits, instead of dialing the entire phone number…In the User Portal, define up to 99 speed dial numbers for your commonly-used phone numbers

3-way Calling — Connect with two other parties at the same time and create an instant conference call

Call Logs — Review your inbound and outbound call history via the User Portal

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