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Small Business Advantage

V2VIP™ Small Business Advantage

Single office or Small Businesses can leverage the power of our hosted V2VIP™ service, HD Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, and enjoy business-class phone service delivered over your Internet connection. Small Business Advantage is tailored for businesses that require modest usage of inbound and outbound calling minutes. And, benefit from WebRTC collaboration tools, a web portal and high-quality, full motion video conferencing (up to 16 participants) and crisp, clear audio.

With minimal start-up costs you get 3 services with 1 plan—VoIP business phone service, unlimited worldwide video communication to other V2VIP™ subscribers and SMS text messaging.

Use multi-function VoIP devices / phones, Webphone (WebRTC), smartphones / tablets or a GXV3240, GXV3275 videophone.

Small Business Advantage — Includes 1000 minutes local and long-distance calling in the US and Canada, Unlimited Worldwide voice and video in-the-network calling to other V2VIP™ subscribers, SMS softphone text messaging — $27.99 / month (Each additional minute is 2.9 ¢) (Toll Free Minutes: 3.9¢ / minute)

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Small Business Advantage Features

  • Business Class Call Features — Voice mail, Voice mail to email, Caller ID, Call Transfer, and Find Me / Follow Me to name a few
  • Affordable Plans — Cost-effective, flat-rate billing. V2VIP™ service reduces the cost compared to traditional phone service and, there’s no need to buy or lease expensive PBX systems
  • Multiple Devices — Use a video phone or IP phone and a mobile device with the same plan and phone number at no additional cost. Never miss an important call.
  • Short Message Service — Send or receive SMS text messages from the V2VUC portal
  • Porting Phone Numbers — Keep your existing telephone number or order a new one. V2VIP™ provides nationwide coverage.
  • Visual Contact — Videoconference via WebRTC anywhere, anytime as easily as dialing the videophone or video webphone
  • Fax — Fax to Email service requires a dedicated number (DID) to receive an emailed PDF file containing the fax transmission. Email-to-Fax service allows you to email a fax-supported document (such as a PDF) that gets converted to a fax transmission.

Small Business Advantage Benefits

  • Savings — up to 40% lower monthly phone bills and up to 80% off the start-up costs required of a traditional PBX solution
  • Quality + Reliability — Superior HD call quality and reliability
  • Complete phone service — Sleek, stylish IP phones, videophone and, video softphones with multiple features … All employees, whether local, remote or global, use the same phone system so they communicate like they’re in one office
  • Easy-to-use — Pre-configured set up … No technical expertise required
  • Expandable — Add more plans as the company grows
  • Portable — Take your video phone or IP phone wherever you go as long as there’s broadband Internet, WiFi or 4G. Use the Webphone on a laptop or download the softphone app to an iPad or iPhone or Android devices.

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Call Today To Order And Start Seeing The Savings On Your Phone Bill, Travel Budget And, Eliminate Cellphone Expense.


Broadband Internet connection — DSL, cable modem, LAN, WiFi or 4G
Minimum 128Kbps upload speed
V2VIP™ Calling Plan
IP phones, soft phones, GXV-3240 / 3275 desktop videophone or ATA
Credit or debit card with a US billing and shipping address



WCCI reserves the right to immediately disconnect or modify Service if determined, in our sole and absolute discretion, that use of the Service or Device is, or at any time was, inconsistent with normal small business or business usage patterns. User is prohibited from using the Service or Device for auto-dialing, continuous or extensive call forwarding, telemarketing, (including without limitation, charitable or political solicitation or polling), fax or voicemail broadcasting or blasting or other reasons set forth in the Terms & conditions.
Calling Plan charges do not include DID or Toll-free number fees, State, Local taxes, E911 Cost Recovery and Regulatory Recovery fees, USF, shipping and handling or any other applicable charges.
A $39.00 Activation Fee will be charged for each V2VIP™ Business Calling Plan or additional products.
Limit only one (1) IP phone, softphone app or videophone product per Calling Plan.
Subscribers must read and agree to the full V2VIP™ Terms & Conditions at Sign-up.

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