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V2VIP™ Auto-Attendant

V2VIP™ V2VIP™ Auto-Attendant

The V2VIP™ Auto-Attendant—$14.99 is a superior hosted VoIP business feature that replaces the need for an operator or receptionist. An Auto-Attendant makes your company look bigger and more professional by enabling callers to transfer to any phone number (i.e. your mobile phone) or select a specific extension so the call is easily transferred to their intended party or department. This automated attendant is easy-to-use with all features set-up through the self-managed User Portal. V2VIP™ Auto-Attendant is included at no extra charge with V2VIP™ Office.

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V2VIP™ Auto-Attendant features

  • V2VIP™ UC User Portal — Self-managed User portal which combines account management and communication services. Company account settings and Auto-attendant/PBX panels are only available to admin user.
  • Professional look and sound — Recorded greeting gives the customer the impression they’re dealing with a sophisticated, professional company.
  • Personalize greetings — Record your own company greeting and personalized greetings for each extension.
  • Automated receptionist — Answers calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Easy-to-use — Call menus include dialing by name, department, or extension.
  • Route calls efficiently — Caller selects the extension via the call menus.
  • Extension dialing — Dial anyone in the company whether they’re in the same building or across the country.
  • One Auto-Attendant, Multiple Locations — Even if everyone works in different locations (home office, different stores or another country) the caller will think everyone’s under the same roof.
  • Mobility — Take your IP phone when you travel; the only requirement is an Internet connection. Working from a different office or your home is not a problem. Ideal for teleworkers!
  • Transfer calls effectively — Transfer the call to any phone number (i.e. your mobile phone) or staff can dial an extension to connect the caller to the right department or person. Transfer the call directly or advise the person receiving the transfer what the call is about.
  • Customizable sub-menus — Program different sub-menus to direct callers to a specific department or person or information.
  • Information Desk — Offers answers to frequently asked questions through Information-Only or Message-Only mailboxes.
  • Music on Hold — Allows the caller to hear a music selection or an advertisement while the Auto-Attendant transfers the call.

Additional V2VIP™ Auto-Attendants can be added as your company grows or your needs require. Multiple Auto-Attendants can be linked together to allow callers to transfer seamlessly between them. Businesses with multiple locations or companies with different businesses on the same phone system may want additional Auto-Attendants. Each V2VIP™ Auto-Attendant’s greetings and messaging can be designed for that particular business or location.

Activation Fee: $9.99. Taxes and Regulatory Fees apply.

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