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Product Portfolio

V2VIP™ Product Portfolio
virtual phone system

V2VIP™ offers a Portfolio of Solutions (scroll over Biz & Government than Product Portfolio drop down menu) including Products and Calling Plans that are easy-to-use, innovative, and offer flexible options. Our hosted PBX solution, which uses advanced VoIP technology, is specifically designed for home offices and small-to-medium size businesses. Combined with the hosted Virtual Attendant, small companies can get the same service, features and benefits as a larger enterprise.

Get great phone service and, businesses using video softphones to make or receive calls from a computer or smartphone will enjoy high-quality, full-motion video and clear audio over any broadband Internet (DSL, Cable Modem, WiFi, LAN) connection with unlimited, worldwide Voice and Video in-the-network calling to other V2VIP™ subscribers.

Flexible and scalable this is ideal for business growth. Start with three extensions and grow to as many as necessary. Remote and in-house employee extensions are all under the same phone system.

Call today to order and start seeing the savings on your phone bill, travel budget and, for peace of mind, add visual communication to your V2VIP™ service

Great Products — User friendly video softphones and sleek, professional-style, feature loaded IP phones. WCCI offers a variety of products for any size offices needs
Calling Plans — Choose a plan that’s tailored to the minutes usage needs of the employee or department. Add more extensions as the company grows
V2VIP™ Auto-Attendant — Project a big company image to your clients by taking advantage of all the call management features
Call Features — All Call Features are FREE and designed to help make your company more efficient, productive and professional



Broadband Internet connection — DSL, cable modem, WiFi, LAN
Minimum 128Kbps upload speed
V2VIP™ Calling Plan
V2VIP™ or iV2VIP™ video softphone, IP phone or ATA
Credit or debit card with a US billing and shipping address


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