How do I contact WCCI for support?
Contact us by email support@wccivoip.com , phone (1-877-4BIZ-V2VIP / 1-877-424-9828) or chat.

What is V2VIP™?
 V2VIP™ service replaces traditional phone service for an innovative easy-to-use business communication solution at amazingly affordable prices. Our VoIP platform or digital quality phone service is a reliable way to make or receive calls. Combine with our Unified Communication features and hosted PBX to create a powerful set of tools for your business needs.

How to order a V2VIP™ Office Calling Plan, IP phone, mobile app or videophone?
Contact us via email sales@wccivoip.com , telephone (1-877-4BIZ-V2VIP / 1-877-424-9828) or fax. We’ll be glad to discuss specific requirements, make recommendations and provide the right solution for your company’s or organizations needs. 

How does this service work?
V2VIP™ (Voice-and-Video Internet Phone) Service is a Business-class Communication-in-the-Cloud that includes Unified Communications, PBX features, V2VUC portal and Mobility.

For additional information visit: How it Works and V2VIP™ Support Documents (click on Pages)

To get started simply connect your IP phone to the Internet, install the V2VUC apps on iOS or Android devices and log into the self-managed Admin / User portal at V2VUC Portal.

The Administrator can manage / configure, through the cloud, all of your company’s settings whether it’s Users, Groups, Auto-attendant, Phone Numbers, Extensions and more at anytime from any where in the world. You’re in control with this user-friendly web interface plus users can manage most of their own settings from their computer.

How do I install the IP phones or videophones?
Insert the Ethernet cable into the Network or LAN port of the device and connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to an uplink port in the router or modem.

Insert the power adapter into the device and connect it to the wall outlet.

Refer to the Quick Start Guide or User Manual in the Support section for additional information.

How do I optimize my network for V2VIP™ service?
Log into the router or modem to ensure port 5060 is not blocked. It’s recommended to disable the SPI Firewall Protection. To learn more about Quality of Service visit this for the benefits of QoS.

Are there other charges besides the monthly Calling Plan fee?
Yes, federal, state, county and local governments may assess taxes, surcharges and/or fees on use of the V2VIP™ Services. These charges may be a flat fee or a percentage of the V2VIP™ charges and may change from time to time without notice and are based on the rates applicable to the address provided to WCCI. There’s a Universal Service Fund monthly fee mandated by the FCC and most states require a USF fee. New York state residents will pay a one-time tax on the products.

How do I access the V2VUC User Portal?
Click on the link
V2VIP Unified Communications Login which is found near the top on the right side of every page. This will open another page to allow access to the User Portal. Enter the email address of the Company User and enter the Password. Click on the Logon button to open your personal User Portal.

Note: only the Admin User will have access to certain features for the company.

How do I access the Retail Client User Portal?
Click on the V2VIP Customer Login link and is located near the bottom on the right side of every page. This will open another page to allow access to the User Portal. For Account Number field, use the previously assigned User ID and enter the Password. Click on the Logon button to open your personal User Portal.

V2VIP™ Business Calling Plans

What equipment is required to use the V2VIP™ Calling Plan options?
Any of the IP phones or IP videophones (Small Business Advantage only) and a high-speed, broadband Internet (DSL, cable modem) connection. If the DSL or cable modem has only one ethernet port (connection), which is used by a computer, then a low-cost home router or switch is needed so multiple IP devices can share the single connection. Its recommended to have a minimum of 128Kbps upload and download capacity

Can I keep the same office or company telephone number?
Yes it’s possible, via Local Number Portability, for a US customer to keep the same phone number. Wind Currents Communications, Inc will work with the telephone service provider and make every effort to help keep the existing phone number, although WCCI cannot guarantee that this will be possible. Certain guidelines or restrictions may not allow the provider to release the number.

How do I configure voicemail?
Click here Voicemail Setup to configure voicemail.

What area is covered for ordering a new phone number?
Our V2VIP service provides nationwide coverage for ordering new telephone (DID – Direct Inward Dialing) or toll-free numbers.

Where can I make video calls to?
Log into the V2VUC portal to make video calls to anywhere in the world with other company Users, invited guests or create a Channel to make group video calls. Download the iV2VIP or aV2VIP app for mobile video calls. Video calling is included with all of the V2VIP™ Office Business Calling Plans.

What’s a Channel?
Channels are collaboration tools. They group people together that work on a given project – channel members.

How do I create a Channel?
Click here Channels to learn more about Channels.

How do I make a Group Web Conference?
Click here Group Web Conference to learn about how to make a Group Web Conference.

Can I switch an audio call into a video call?
Yes, by clicking on the camera icon an audio call will turn into a video call provided your device supports video capabilities.

What’s an IP call?
This is a call that’s transmitted over Internet Protocol that does not use or depend on the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to deliver the voice and video call to the other party.

Can the GXV3240 or 3275 videophones be used for regular telephone calls?
Yes. Subscribe to the Small Business Advantage Calling Plan, which features both incoming and outgoing calls, then simply dial the phone number and the call is routed over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to traditional telephones.

  • For local and for long-distance calls simply dial like a regular phone.
  • For the Small Business Advantage plan it’s possible to select an area code in another city or frequently called location so colleagues, customers and potential clients would only be making a local call.
  • All plans feature unlimited local and long-distance calling to the US and Canada.

When using the GXV3240 or 3275 what numbers are dialed for video calls?
An eight-digit Account number or SIP User ID (i.e. 10011122) number will be provided to each subscriber after the Sign-up process. This Account number can be used for in-network calls.

For the TeleMed Bundle Plan refer to V2VIP™ TeleMed Bundle and Click-to-Call

V2VIP™ TeleMed Bundle Plan

What’s required for the TeleMed Bundle Plan?
The V2VIP™ TeleMed Bundle is a One-Click solution. Simply download the app to your Android or iOS device. In the self-managed V2VUC User Portal create a Click-to-Call link  which you then email to your client, they simply click on the link to start a video call. Each User account has an unlimited number of clients that can use the Click-to-Call link.

Is the TeleMed Bundle HIPAA compliant?
Yes, the call is encrypted using 128-bit SRTP / DTLS encryption and ICE mechanism for a peer-to-peer WebRTC video call.

What other monitoring equipment can be used?
At this time, the TeleMed Bundle only supports peer-to-peer calling which is ideal for a number of applications like mental health consultations, speech pathology therapy and medication intake monitoring.

Can traditional telephone calls be made?
No, the V2VIP™ TeleMed Bundle only supports peer-to-peer video calls over the broadband connection and does not route calls to the PSTN.

Does the TeleMed Bundle Plan support 911 or E911 dialing?
No, this plan does NOT support 911 calls because it does not route calls over traditional phone lines so emergency services or Public Safety Access Points cannot be contacted.