Use V2VIP™ Channel or Group audio and web video conference to meet face-to-face with just one click! Benefit from HD audio and HD video with this easy-to-use WebRTC solution. Create virtual meetings that enable teams to collaborate anywhere and anytime! No need to download any plug-ins; simply call direct from supported web browsers.

Eliminate expense and unproductive use of time related to travel and stay connected with colleagues, partners and clients in HD group audio and web video conferencing calls. Create a Channel or group that includes co-workers in another part of the building or invite a Guest that’s in another city thousand of miles away. All participants benefit from a secure, fully-encrypted video call using DTLS/SRTP and the ICE mechanism for establishing media path.

2017-12-15 group video call med

Additional Collaboration Features and Benefits:

  • Web Video ConferenceCalls are for OnNet calls (between V2VIP users) only. When using our mobile apps or V2VUC portal, WebRTC calls made between users are fully encrypted using DTLS/SRTP. The portal and the apps use the ICE mechanism (peer-to-peer mode) for establishing media path so the media (audio and video) are sent directly between users.

  • Audio ConferenceUse the Channels audio bridge to enable members and invited guests to have a group conversation. Participants anywhere in the world can join the conversation using their web browser by logging into their V2VUC User Portal or using an IP phone or mobile device.
    Note: It’s possible to enable video during an audio call by clicking on the camera icon. Participants devices must support video calling.

  • Add Guests to the CallAdd participants during a web video conference or audio call by selecting from the list of company Users or Contacts or adding an offnet phone number. 

  • ChatsInstant messages exchanged among users are referred to as chats. Group chats can be sent to multiple recipients and include all the same features as a single chat. Features include: offline history, delivery and read confirmation, typing notification, attachments, video, audio, file, geo location, reply, forward, star.
  • PresenceProvides other users’ status as well as shares your current availability and a short status note. Status can be set as: Available, Busy or Away. Status text is a short note which will be displayed next to the avatar in the Company directory panel view.