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V2VIP™ VoIP & Unified Communications Simple Steps for Setting up VoIP

Simple Steps for Setting up VoIP

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) business phone services provides users a broad scope of functionality and performance at a moderate cost. Although, the set-up arrangement can be immense if you have not done it earlier. You’ll need to evaluate your spending plan, select your ideal features, and plugin any required hardware device.
While every business phone service will have its individual steps, however, the following steps will give you a general understanding of what it takes to set up a VoIP service:

Number of users

The initial step to getting VoIP ready for action in your office is to figure out what number of users you plan on having. Getting a genuine idea of user numbers at the right time makes specific choices simpler as you go along. It will assist you in deciding what number of lines you need, regardless of whether your internet connection can support the expected call volume and which attributes matter most. With certain providers, you can spare some money if some users only require an extension and not their own number. Check with your prospective providers to perceive what sort of deal they can provide you.

Internet Connection

After you know what number of users you will have, at that point you are prepared to test your office internet connection to check if it can deal with VoIP for that sort of user volume. This is significant because of the following reasons:

Looking at your internet connection ahead of getting a VoIP system will spare you the frustration and headaches that result from the inferior call quality and dropped calls that go with an inadequate connection.

It can possibly spare you a lot of time and squabble. Whenever you switch to a VoIP system and find out that your connection is lacking, you either have to cancel your service or go back to what you had or you need to upgrade the internet connection in your office, both of which is a squabble.

You wouldn’t have any desire to pursue VoIP just to find out that it won’t work with your existing internet connection. Luckily, it isn’t hard to check whether your internet can deal with VoIP.

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Set a VoIP Budget

VoIP provides an extensive range of features and it’s easy to get carried away while taking a look at the distinct add-ons and rewards you can utilize. That is the reason for setting your spending plan early on in the process is significant. It will help you keep grounded and ensure that your plan is within your budget. You can also select an annual plan to get some monthly savings.

Select a VoIP Provider

Once you have figured out which plan and features are significant for your requirements, you can start selecting a VoIP service provider.

Order your hardware

After selecting your VoIP service provider, it’s time to order your equipment. Most VoIP services can be utilized without special VoIP telephones. For example, you can buy a connector that you can plug into your analog phones, in case you want to continue using them, or in some cases, you can utilize your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.
Although, if you want to use all the additional VoIP features, you might require to buy a VoIP telephone. The good thing is that there is a significant wide variation of VoIP phones available from basic and low priced to advanced and costly.

Configure your VoIP system

Generally, you simply plug your telephone into your Ethernet system, configure your settings on your telephone and you are good to go. In certain cases, if you have a firewall set up, you may need to contact and shuffle some items with your provider to get things working appropriately. In case you are skilled in IT, you should be able to handle most VoIP setups.


VoIP solutions offer companies a full arrangement of powerful telephony features at a small amount of the cost of a landline framework. Additionally, they are often simpler to set up, even for users having little technical knowledge. If you can connect a couple of key components and navigate through some essential programming settings, you have all of the competence required to install the service. In any case, you should ensure that you have a fast-enough internet connection to back VoIP service.

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