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V2VIP™ VoIP & Unified Communications Softphone: What Is It and How Can It Benefit for Your Business?

Softphone: What Is It and How Can It Benefit for Your Business?

Nowadays flexible communications solutions are becoming more important. Have you heard softphone systems? If you have spent time to looking for business phone service, you might have heard softphone systems. Softphones represent the future of business phone systems.
Rather than a traditional phone that’s connected to a landline, a softphone system is operated using internet. Softphones are software based phone systems that offer internet based calling system with additional features. In this blog we cover everything about softphone and how it is work and how to use it.

What is a Softphone?

Basically, a Softphone is a software based phone system. With a softphone, you can place a calls using desktop software, mobile apps or an internet browser, rather than a physical dial pad. Softphone have all the advanced functionality of a hard phones with more time saving benefits. Most VoIP Phone Systems are flexible to setup and cost effective on long and short term.

Generally, Your VoIP provider provides the Softphone software and user friendly interface that allows users access to dialing and all the features of VoIP Solution. However, V2VIP Communications platform allowing you to send conference call invitations, view calendar and access team messaging.

How Does a VoIP Softphone Work?

Softphone Software is a web based application, this means your softphone is completely accessible to landlines. Softphones run on computers and mobile devices that can be integrated across many different platforms.
A Softphone is just Software and it look like any other software or calling app. The Softphone is mimics desk phone experience, you will get all the usual buttons and options in your cellphone’s calling interface. Softphone applications offer a very intuitive user experience, making call transfer, voicemails and easy to navigate.

Major Advantages of Using Softphones

Softphone software provides a multitude of advantages over traditional phone systems. V2VIP’s Softphone features include:

• Voicemail
• Multiple lines
• Call transfers
• Caller information
• Shared contact directory
Also softphones offer privacy, portability and efficiency.

The Key Features of using Business Softphones

We know that softphone software and applications offers great features, let’s take a look at the best key features you can gain from a business softphone provider.

1. Shared Contacts:

Softphone apps allow users to subscribe the company contact list and share with coworkers. This is extremely useful to find client contact details easily. This will save your time and save you manually looking up on every extension.

2. Next-level Customer Experience

One of the major features of softphone solutions is to deliver a next level customer experience. With Softphone providers, you can also bring the customization to your voicemail setup, create greetings for your customers and much more.

3. Easier Conference Calls

Softphone applications make it easy to connect with teams, employees and colleagues via conference call on their work phones. Also softphones to have both desktop and mobile apps, that means you should be able to flip a call between your computer or cell phone.

4. Voicemail

A modern voicemail services boast additional features for increased functionality. Softphones facilitate voicemails, audio files to be shared directly to user emails or as push notifications.

5. Optimized Calling

Softphone provides huge advantages in your calling like click to dial, which save your team minutes from every call in a single click. It allows you to make calls in quick succession.

Is it Compatible with your Business?

All softphone software is compatible with existing traditional phones. A softphones come with serious cost saving. A paid softphone through your VoIP Phone Service provider usually doesn’t cost very much. V2VIP helps you to avoid its complications through its compatibility with all major operating systems and devices, but not all providers do.

Connecting with V2VIP

Making the switch to a VoIP Softphones may seem like a daunting task. It’s one of the easiest decision you will make. V2VIP’s VoIP Phone service with integrated softphone applications could be exactly what you have been looking for. If you are curious about the process, reach out to the V2VIP experts.

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