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Benefits Of Telehealth

V2VIP™ Benefits Of Telehealth

Reduced patient stress, travel costs, risks and liabilities

Allows patient to stay in comfort and convenience of their home
“Video visits” reduce isolation, promote socialization

Peace of mind, visually monitor the elderly or children

Decreased patient transports (ER visits; correctional facilities)

Patient demand; studies show patient satisfaction and support telemedicine services

More timely access to expert advise and intervention

Proactive versus reactive monitoring of patient health; promotes personal awareness

v2vip telehealth service

Reduced waiting time for a “visiting” specialist

More efficient specialist scheduling enables more patient meetings per day

Reduce specialist drive time and travel expense for in-home visits

Healthcare professional / staff can manage time more effectively by remaining at the workplace

Cost-efficiencies decrease cost of healthcare and increase efficiency

Return on Investment – see “Measuring ROI TeleMed”

Improved community skills and knowledge through on-site education and training, and expert support to community-based service

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