Test & Evaluation

Wind Currents Communications Inc (WCCI) offers a Test & Evaluation loan program to qualified prospective V2VIP™ clients seriously considering volume acquisition. This program is without charge, except for incoming and outgoing shipping, and makes it possible for businesses to know, in advance of purchase, that selected Products are the correct solution for their application.

Test & Evaluation in Four Simple Steps

  1. Borrowers (corporations, companies, institutions) read, sign, and date a Videophone Test & Evaluation application;
  2. Borrowers read, sign, and date a Borrower’s Acknowledgement of Confidential Information, Trademarks, and Intellectual Property Rights;
  3. Upon receipt of Product for test and evaluation, Borrowers sign a Videophone Test & Evaluation Release/Receipt and return it by fax; and
  4. Borrowers return Product by the specified due-date and in the condition received.

To discuss your application requirements and learn more about WCCI’s Test & Evaluation Program, Contact Us