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V2VIP™ WebPhone

Using WebRTC, Wind Currents Communications, Inc offers a way for users to make calls from within the existing V2VUC portals without the need to download a plugin. This WebPhone is completely integrated into V2VIP’s hosted PBX platform, strengthening Unified Communications.

By using the Webphone in the V2VUC portal it’s possible to call other users as well as phone numbers from other networks (mobile or landline).

How it Works

After logging into portal, on the right side of page click on WebPhone to open the app.

Follow the prompts until you see the Contacts list. To call from the Contact lists click on the name.

From here it’s possible to start a Chat or make a call by scrolling over the chat icon or phone icon..

To dial a landline or mobile number (OffNet) or send an SMS / Chat click on  and the following will appear:

Select the keypad icon to dial an OffNet number. After the call is connected the following screen will appear. There are multiple features and options.

The Switch Phone feature switches the call to your desktop phone or mobile device.

Under More there are the Call Recording and Hide the call options.

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