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Click To Call

V2VIP™ Click To Call

The Click-to-Call feature, also known as click2call, enables communication directly from a Google web browser simply by clicking a number. It’s another dimension of your business phone line and can be placed on your website (associate with a phone number or “call me” button). Website visitors or email recipients (Guests) do not have to sign in or download any additional software as the entire click-to-call feature is based on technology supported by browsers.

Features include:

  • HD audio
  • Ease of Use


There are two options for Click-to-Call:

  • Personal Click-to-Call in each User account
  • A number generated by the company V2VUC admin which can be added to a website

Each User account has the ability to use the Click-to-Call feature. In your V2VUC Portal, simply scroll over a contact in your Contacts list and click on the phone icon. Or, in the Call History, click on any number and a Click-to-Call balloon will appear; there are 3 options in the drop down menu. If the Webphone is not open you will be prompted to log in to make the call.

From the website, calls will be received on your web browser (V2VUC Portal) or the call can be answered on your Grandstream or Yealink IP phone.

The answering rules will work too – if a Click-to-Call number is directed to a user the answering rules will apply like any other incoming call.

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